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Executive Summary Research has found that out of 55 Social. Business Startups that a majority (69%) have received early and late stage funding. Averaging $14m in total funding. A significant 31% have not taken investor funding. Which we’ve listed 6 reasons ranging low costs of operations, self-funding, VC avoidance, and market saturation of startups. 18% of startups had achieved a material event (acquired or IPO) and of them. 40% we’re not funded. Expect three macro trends in 2013 including. Startups focus on business. In conclusion, value to battle software giants. Investors hot on SMMS market.

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Who lack differentiation, and 3) As Social Business Software market matures. Expect growth in late stage investments Research Background. I’m continuing industry analysis of Social Business Software funding and will do a series of data cuts from my sample of 55 software vendors to tease apart trends, insights, and built a forecast for Korea WhatsApp Number Data what is to come. First, read part one on The State of Social Business Software (including methodology of this study), which dissects into funding amounts, averages, and frequency of funding rounds. I interact with VCs, startup entrepreneurs, software giants. Manila is hosting an event Europe. In conclusion, Specific Events Finland is hosting Community Managers.

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Media to obtain multiple points of view. Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 5.15.31 PM Above: Figure indicates that while two-thirds were funded, a large set of social business software vendors were not funded, a rate greater than I Turkey WhatsApp Number List expected to see. Of Social Software Startups Funded, Most Raised less than $10m Above: Of the two-thirds who were funded, a majority of them raised a small amount of money, most commonly under $10m, a paltry amount compared . In conclusion, to funding rounds in other tech categories in prior decades. Finland in Tampere, in Finnish. France is hosting general events.

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