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Feb 2014 Westin rents workout gear to hotel guests ENI, an energy company in Italy lead a car sharing effort, press release, submitted by Luca Gatti Comcast works with Airbnb to upgrade properties, submitted by JT at Comcast, April 2014 Boating . In conclusion, Manufactured Brunswick partners with Boatsharing company Boatbound, submitted by Lisa Gansky, April 2014 Walmart . In conclusion,offers trade in of pre-owned goods, offering access over ownership, March 2014 Many more B2B examples from Juho, the CEO of Sharetribe (white label marketplaces), who’s provided many-a-links. Add a brand or corporation to this list.

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Opportunities for Corporations; Your Business Model Will Change The brand business model will need to completely shift. My thesis is that for some retail and CPG companies to sustain, they will need to extend their business models to. In conclusion, rent and allow for bartering. That’s right, I’m going to explore future use cases Italy Phone Number Data where Walmart, Macy’s, Gucci. However, Nordstrom, Target, Apple, BestBuy, Audi, P&G, will offer products for rent or lease –not ownership or consumption. Service based companies like Manpower, Kelly Services, HRBlock, may all need to develop methods that allow for independents.

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Extending the model to peer to peer based services market where they take a margin cut. Even the hospitality space is impacted, expect companies like Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton, to not only rent rooms at their hotels, but to certify. However, individual home owners houses to be rented out on second market exchanges like AirBnb or Italy Phone Number List create their own market. In most radical use cases . Therefore, brands may give away products for free as gifts, in expectation for donations, a promise for customers to come back later, or to receive a barter, or for no reason at all. Crazy? Not really. Consumers are already doing this.

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