If they very satfi they spend more leave less

If they very satfi they spend more leave less and increase recommendations. To friends family and coworkers; that make companies grow in customers income and results. In customer experience more important cause consumers want more human. Interactions and also cause of economic uncertainty data from the latest global trends studyfrom qualtrics it observ that human interactions. Where companies can earn the loyalty of their consumers. It would about balancing the human and digital experiences. That customers live taking into account their channel preferences depending. On the complexity of the task in question. Very different types of interactions have en analyz.

The magician of strategic objectives

In of them consumers prefer humanasst channels instead of selfmanagementfigure. Spain the second country out of a total of countries where human asstance most preferr over selfservice. Chartsource qualtrics xm institute “ global consumer mobile app designs service trends” q –in times of economic uncertainty customer experience management doubly important . On the one hand consumers’ finances put under pressure by ring costsinflation energy etc. And ruc income lower sales loss of customers etc.Forcing people to think hard about the products and companies you going to dicate your budget to and more susceptible to switching brands than at any other time.

Number one in online sales

On the other hand it has en proven that the companies that evolve tter in periods of uncertainty those that leaders in customer experience cause they adapt tter more agile and spread customer insights throughout the organization. On the contrary DD Leads the rk of a bad experience means that the sales of spanh companies can fall by up to. It essential to get ahead of bad experiences and potential problems fore they result in customer churn. In it important for organizations to close the gaps in what they ne to improve the most and what has the most impact on.

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