The latest news in Social Networks 2023

You will be able to create multiple personal profiles and switch from one account to another , without having to disconnect and reconnect The latest news like on Instagram, wow  since independent accounts are quite successful. How does it work? You will need to choose a name and obtain it. Next, customize and follow different accounts of interest, so that each profile has its own feed. Finally, you can easily switch between all profiles, without needing to log in. On the other hand, when you create an additional profile, the configuration is automatically.

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News 2023 on YOUTUBE YouTube has added 5 new features that you can use to create, edit and share content in new ways. Although these features are not yet available to all users, they will be coming to PETARLO very soon. What are these 5 functionalities?  Dream Screen: You can add background executive email list, of images or videos generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in YouTube Shorts. YouTube Create: This new app allows creators to add music and subtitles in the edit. Currently, it is available in its beta version for Android.  Aloud: Allows you to create content in more languages ​​thanks to this automatic dubbing tool.  Assisted search in Creator Music

These 5 functionalities

Depending on what their audience is watching on YouTube.  2023 news on TWITTER (or X now) Two of the latest news on this social network are:   (Twitter for us forever), will notify users if their account or content has DD Leads been blocked for being sensitive content related to violence, behavior or hate symbols. Additionally, blocked accounts will have a label. The blocked account or content alert will appear as an alert in the notifications tab, to indicate to the user that the label has been added to their account, along with an explanation.

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