Oscar TV Ads Failed To Integrate Social

Superbowl ads were over double that at 31% a missed opportunity, given the amount of second screen activity in this media heavy space Samsung pushed the hashtag #galaxyatwork four times across their many ads, and purchased promoted trends on Twitter. Most Oscar TV Ads Integrated URLs Social Integration lower Marketing Efforts of Note This year’s Oscar ads were contrived, forced efforts of brands and agencies running after the Oreo’s halo from Superbowl. In conclusion, JCP connected both there emotional TV spot, and tied it with Twitter engagement and even sent gift cards.

To Twitter followers

That gave a positive reaction to the ads. Kellogg’s Special K deployed real time images in salute to award winners (Life of Pi), even without a TV spot, which limited their overall reach and opportunity to trigger engagement. Stella Artois had several photoshop templates that created Gifs that recognized winners, but didn’t push the . However, content Iraq Phone Number Data to the next level. Oscar TV Ads AdWeek highlights how Oreos extended engagement from Superbowl to Oscars. Converged Media Workflow Above Diagram . Therefore, Here’s one way brands should be integrated paid, owned, and earned, in a Converged Media manner.

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While most Oscar ads failed

To complete this, JCP earned high marks, Read the full report. Concluding Remarks: Real time marketing was experimental at best, with many brands still trying to develop their playbooks for the second screen. Brands failed to integrate their paid media with social media, missing out on opportunities for the content to Russia Phone Number List engage and resonate. Next year, expect greater integration between all the elements of paid, owned and earned. However, which we call Converged Media. Update: There’s a discussion on my Facebook page, critiquing the ads. My next Open Research report (see my body of research) will be about.

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