15 Types of Trending Business Models with Examples

Business models are also divided into various types that are becoming trends. Here are sixteen types of business models.

The first business model offers a free service or product and a paid business version. The open-sources business model includes free products that are openly created and designed by the community.


For example, a software company offers a free version of its software on an open source basis . However, to add support services, an additional fee is required by subscribing.

The distributor business model is when a company buys inventory from manufacturers and sells it toretailersor directly to the public. However, this model has challenges such as choosing the right price point to profit from sales.


For example, a distributor is a company that buys soft drinks from manufacturers and sells those drinks to restaurants at a higher price. For this reason, distributors become providers of these soft drinks.


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This business model is arguably one of the Greece Phone Number List best models for company expansion. Franchise or franchising allows the owner to license the resources and brands that are owned.


Under this model, business owners earn the right to sell their products and services in exchange for royalties. For example, like McDonald’s, KFC, and various well-known restaurants that have a business with this model.


Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

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P2P business refers to a platform with two individuals interacting to buy and sell products and services to one another. This business model can eliminate the need for third party involvement.


For example, job sites like Indeed use the platform to connect job seekers and employers offering job vacancies. That way, the platform will Dd Leads connect the two in meeting each other’s needs.

The e-commerce business model relies on the internet to sell various products. With this business model, the sales team usually sells through various e-commerce sites such as Shopee, Tokopedia, Amazon, and others.


This business model aims to sell products through websites known as online stores. For example, a cosmetics company sells its products via e-commerce in Indonesia and consumers can directly buy them online .

The subscription business model allows customers to get services by paying a fixed amount every month or year. Companies must provide sufficient value and various features and content that can attract consumers, such as Netflix, Disney+, LinkedIn , and others.

Social Business
The social business model is based on the principle that companies must generate profits without harming anyone. Most of the proceeds will be donated to humanitarian activities, for example, like Brunello Cucinelli donating around 20% of the profits earned.

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