Acquaintance with Digital Marketing Most Wanted

The development of the digital world has been very rapid in recent years, especially social media. This is certainly a new opportunity in the business world, especially in the field of marketing or marketing. Marketing in digital form is called digital marketing. I’m sure you’ve heard of this term, right?


So, in this article, you will be invited to get to know digital marketing more closely. From concepts, understanding, types of work, and companies that need digital marketing. So, get ready to read until the end of this article!



Marketing Concept

Before starting a discussion about digital marketing, you should first know the basic concepts of marketing itself. Marketing or marketing is a process or business that aims to make people interested in the products that the company offers.


In carrying out the marketing Mexico Phone Number List strategy, it is necessary to carry out market research, analysis and identification of the ideal customer. In essence, marketing must understand that the products being marketed can benefit customers.



Definition of Digital Marketing

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Now that you understand the concept of marketing in general, it’s time for you to know what digital marketing is? According to Ridwan Sanjaya & Joshua Tarigan (2009), digital marketing is a marketing activity including branding using various social media. For example through blogs, websites, email, adwords, and others


Apart from being more up to date in keeping Dd Leads up with the times, there are several advantages of digital marketing compared to conventional marketing. This is what makes companies in various sectors vying to migrate marketing systems from conventional to digital. Following are the advantages of digital marketing:


1. Specific and Targeted Audience

In preparing the strategy, especially in advertising, the distribution can be more specific. These specifications are usually determined by the demographics of the audience, interests, until the data joins for the first time. This will make the distributed ads more targeted and more efficient.

2. Interactive Ads

Ads posted through digital media are considered more interactive than conventional media. The audience can directly click on the link that goes to the company’s website/e-commerce platform. Besides that, advertising on social media also provides an opportunity for the audience to participate in giving likes, comments, and shares.

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