Altimeter’s Disruption Database

Ground of our analysis. Disruptions Trends 3-D Printing. And Replicators App Economy Artificial Intelligence (AI) . Augmented Reality (Google Glass) Automated Life (Cars, Homes, Driving, etc.) Automated Robots. Bio-Engineering Biometric Authentication Voicea udio, fingerprint, bodyeyescan, gesture. Olfactory user interface Content Marketing DigitalSocial TV vs. “Second Screen” Emerging Hand Held Devices Platforms (Android, Tablet, Phablet) Gamification Altimeter’s Disruption Gesture Voice-Based Interface Navigation “Human as Interface”Hacking Social Engineering.

Information Security Altimeter’s Disruption

Haptic Surfaces (Slippery, wet, textured through electrical currents) Healthcare. Data and Predictive Analytics Human-Piloted. Drones Hyper-Local Technology  Mobile Location. Indoor Mapping Internet of Nanoparticles (Embedded in bloodstream) MicroMedia Video Mobile Advertising Mobile Payments Native Advertising Natural UK Phone Number Data Language Processing Near Field Communications Open Source Open Data  Open Innovation Peer-Based Currency  Soical Currency (BitCoin) Proximity Based Communications Social Engagement Automation (Robots Respond on Twitter) Social Network Analysis.

Phone Number Data

Graphing, and Data

Science Social Technologies Touch Permeates Digital/Surfaces: TVs, Touch Advertising Virtual Reality / Immersive 3D Experiences Wearable / Embedded Technology Wireless Power / Electricity Big Data Collaborative Economy Connected Workplace Customer Experience Design/Architecture and Integration Data Convergence/Customer India Phone Number List Intelligence Data vs Creative in the Org: New Decision Process Digital Ethnography or Customer Journey Mapping Digital Influence and Advocacy Evolution of the Center of Excellence Generation C Hypertargeting Internet of Things or Internet.

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