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The impacts of the growing Collaborative Economy trend. I also listed 200 startups that are in this space (and a few big brands). For those who are new to this topic, there’s an unstoppable wave of people trading, renting, and borrowing all kinds of services and goods. The disruptive impacts to brands are potentially very high. Consumers are already buying and trading among themselves, often without purchasing items directly from the brands themselves. Companies that Brand Edition don’t pay attention to this trend are leaving themselves in a state of risk, as technology and society continue to quickly innovate.

To stay relevant with this unstoppable trend

Every corporation must evaluate a business model of products as a service, marketplaces, tapping the maker movement and crowd collaboration as market behaviors shift] This trend has some major impacts for our social understanding Singapore Phone Number Data of commercialism, materialism, and marketing. Yesterday, I was with some young entrepreneurs who mentioned that the “American Dream is not about ownership of products, but just access to them.” Renting, Brand Edition borrowing, and trading to live the lifestyle they want, with no worries, is suitable for their personal and vocational lives.

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For example

My long-time tech contact, entrepreneur, and friend, Andrew Hyde, only owned 39 things in an attempt to simplify his life. Recent history is littered with companies that didn’t adapt to this Collaborative Economy model. From Blockbuster to Netflix, from newspapers to Craigslist, a few were able to harness this change. Much of the Brazil Phone Number List media has deployed a variety of methods to curb peer-to-peer sharing. As part of my research method, I like to lean on the community to source examples and case studies. The following list contains examples of companies which have harnessed Collaborative Economy tactics to supplement their business strategy of innovation.

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