Business Idea Recommendations for Students While Studying

Often doing business is considered difficult by some people, especially for students. This is because they think that business requires large capital.


Even though there are many business ideas for students that don’t require a lot of money to start. You can also make more pocket money while you still finish your studies in college.


5 Business Ideas for Students

These various business ideas for Singapore Phone Number List students are small businesses that you can do while you are in college. This business doesn’t take up much time so it doesn’t reduce your time to study.


The following are some business ideas that Kelas. work suggests you try to start a business:


Selling Used College Books or Imported Books

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One of the most profitable business ideas for students is to sell used college books or imported books . The book in question is a book that still has good condition.


The book is an item that is needed by Dd Leads students. However, the price is quite expensive, making many students choose the option of buying used books. The share of used book sales for fellow students is very large. This business also has the potential to generate large profits from selling used books.


Sometimes, there are also some lecturers who ask to find references from old imported books which may be difficult to find new versions. How to get used book suppliers is also not difficult. Lots of markets are used book sales centers. You can get good books at low prices and you can resell them.


By selling the book, you can help your friends get the book they need. Isn’t it interesting to sell used books in good condition to be your business idea?


Selling tokens, pulses or game tickets is a business idea that is no less interesting. Tokens, pulses, and topping up token games are necessities that are definitely needed by fellow students.


For the purchase system, you can rely on mobile banking , e-commerce, and various media. You can also work with special marketplaces selling purchasing game items such as VCGamers or Coda Shop .

Selling food or snacks can also be a business idea opportunity that you can try. There are lots of snack or contemporary food recipes whose recipes are easy for you to follow. You can get various recipes from social media such as Youtube that you can use as inspiration for the snacks you sell.

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