Consolidate duplicate or redundant properties

Depending on the size of your database, consider monthly or quarterly cleanups to keep your data fresh.

If your current database hasn’t been cleaned in years, the initial cleanup task could take several hours or days to complete.
While it may seem daunting, subsequent quarterly or monthly cleanups will take much less time.
If the right conditions and preventive measures are established, the data cleaning process will become easier and more automatic over time.

In most cases, getting the consent and support of your marketing and sales teams helps, especially if you plan to change the current process of adding and updating information in your CRM. Collaborate with teams to create the most efficient and effective process for maintaining an optimized and accurate database.

Tips for cleaning up the database

While simple data cleansing improves the Spain Phone Number List quality of your CRM database data, these tips also include preventative measures you can use to reduce the amount of missing or redundant data you collect.

1. Adjust the formatting


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Inconsistent data formatting has a greater impact when using personalization in marketing and sales initiatives.

For example, some names might be all Dd Leads lowercase, all uppercase, have extra spaces at the end, etc.

Formatting inconsistencies can also have a major impact on the quality of your data reports.¬†If you have several data fields set up as “text boxes”, you have no control over the format of the data entered into those fields.

A very common example is the “Status” field. During reporting actions it is not easy to combine and standardize these data, so both could be present within the CRM, creating difficulties.

Fortunately, both types of formatting problems are easy to fix.

If your CRM allows you to bulk export your contact database, you’ll need to do so to fix any formatting issues.

Going forward, for data fields like the State example, consider changing the input type to a drop-down list or other form of selection.

Leaving form fields as text boxes exposes the CRM to user error and inconsistencies in punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and more.

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