Definition and Differences of Ecommerce and Marketplace

The difference between marketplace and e-commerce is very important for you to know. Quoted from the Solutech page , Ecommerce is a website that is used to sell products from website owners.


So, the products sold are limited because they are only sold by one seller. Typically, ecommerce is created using platforms, such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.


Marketplace as an online website service provider as an intermediary between sellers and buyers. Where many sellers with various types of products and still in one location.


So, in the marketplace you can find many sellers in it. Their goal is the same, namely to sell products to consumers. Examples of marketplaces are Amazon, Ebay, Tokopedia, Shopee, and others.


8 Differences between Ecommerce and Marketplace


Reported by Mcckensey , e-commerce and marketplaces are developing rapidly due to the influence of consumptive behavior and Covid-19. But do you know the difference between ecommerce and marketplace ?


Involved Parties
The first thing you can tell the difference Russia Phone Number List between ecommerce and marketplace is the creation involved in it. This is very important because the parties involved are very different from one another.


If you want to create an ecommerce , you need a team such as Website Developer, UI/UX Designer, Front End Engineer, Back End and so on. So that the e-commerce that you develop is maximized.


Unlike your marketplace, it’s easier and more practical to use if you don’t need a team. You can immediately register and sell directly on the marketplace .

Competition with Competitors


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Competition is also one aspect of the difference between marketplace and e-commerce . This competitor can be one of the determinants of e-commerce and marketplace competition.


As you know, marketplace is an online buying Dd Leads and selling platform which consists of various sellers in it. Therefore, competition tends to be higher because many other online stores sell similar products to you.


Whereas in e-commerce , there is almost no competition because you are the only brand that sells products or services through the website. So, only you as a seller and a buyer visit the website.

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