The Federal Council of Medicine requires that only specialized radiologists issue

The X-ray report. Naturally, the results of dental examinations will be analyzed by qualified dentists. Examinations for veterinary purposes follow the same reasoning. However, all specialists must have in-depth knowledge about the formation of radiographic images, since the process is valid for any type of X-ray. To explain it better, the images are like analogue films, being portrayed in white, black and gray tones . The clarity of the represented anatomical structures depends on their density, with the hardest parts appearing in white. The reason for this is that dense tissues such as bones and teeth absorb most of the radiation emitted on them. While organs, cartilage and other partssoft arts let too many rays pass through and hit the equipment plate.

Finally the air appears in black. In addition to these properties

The specialist responsible for interpreting the X-ray must observe the presence of artifacts, rotation, incidences, breathing and other phenomena to compose the report. Advantages of the electronic X-ray report Complete telemedicine platforms such as Morsch make it possible to deliver the results of complementary exams online. Hosted in the cloud, our system is protected by New Zealand Phone Numbers List authentication and encryption mechanisms. At the same time, it is widely accessible to authorized persons who can log in from any internet-connected device. Digital X-ray devices can also be configured to automatically send images to the PACS Morsch, making the interpretation process quicker. Once the records are visible on the platform, one of our online radiologists evaluates them in light of clinical suspicion and patient history. He notes the findings and conclusions in the report, digitally signed to guarantee authenticity.

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The benefits of radiologic telemedicine today. Conclusion The portable X-ray device has been promoting significant changes in the offer of radiological exams. By adding mobility to this technology, the model expands the range of radiographs in a practical way. However, it calls for DD Leads attention to avoid exposure to ionizing radiation, since it is operated outside of controlled environments. Did you find the content interesting? Continue reading radiology articles on the blog. The hip MRI report can indicate a number of abnormalities. This is because MRI offers high-resolution images, allowing the detection of inflammatory conditions and bone ruptures in patients with osteopenia. The high specificity of the exam also allows the complement of images obtained from other methods, such as radiographs and CT scans. In the next topics, I present details about the possible results of the hip resonance.

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