How to use the Google tool to remove obsolete content

Even if you edit or remove outdated content from your pages, the information still appears as part of the cache or featured snippets in Google results for weeks or even months Therefore, You just have to ask Google to remove any outdated content and voilà, in about 24 hours. How to use, it will be ready. In this article we explain step by step: How to use Google’s Remove Outdated Content tool for pages and images. How long does it take for Google to remove outdated content upon request. When to use the tool and when you should not. And how to successfully monitor your pages.

Let's take a look at the details

Of removing content with the help of Google. What is Google’s tool for removing obsolete content and where to find it Basically, the tool is used to remove Canadian Pharmaceutical Email List outdated content from a page that appears in Google search results. Ready to use the tool? You can find it in Google Search Console . Therefore, It’s set up as a form, so making a request is a piece of cake. You can also search “obsolete content removal tool” on Google, and we are sure the SERPs will take you to the right place! Please note that all requests are checked manually, so no immediate action occurs. Google deletes content and related caches over several days or weeks (depending on the site’s crawl rate). If you want to delete a specific image, the process is slightly different (more on that shortly).

When to remove outdated

Content from Google You should only use the Google tool to remove obsolete content in the following circumstances: You do not own the page on which the. How to use content appears, but it has outdated information about your business. If you are the DD Leads owner of the you can ask Google to re-crawl the page or hide it. Therefore, The page or image has already been removed or is significantly different from the version that exists now. When and why you should delete content Misinformation from outdated content can hurt your business, especially if you’re in the food or medical industry, where keeping information up-to-date is important.

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