However the most common today is the digital X-ray which captures

Remaining rays and transforms them into a signal sent to a computer algorithm. The program converts the signal into pixels, the smallest dots in a digital image. How to analyze abdominal X-ray? The analysis and interpretation of the images is a task of the qualified radiologist, as required by the CFM. According to the article “Some aspects of the radiological propaedeutics of the acute abdomen”. It is up to the specialist to evaluate four groups portrayed in the images of the abdominal X-ray. Calcium group: is the most radiopaque, represented either by the bones or by the barium-based contrast. Water group: with lower radiopacity than bones, consisting of tissues where the aqueous content predominates, such as soft tissues and parenchymal viscera, such as liver and kidneys Fat group: due to lower radiological opacity than the previous group.

Parenchymal viscera, such as the kidney

Which is surrounded by fatty tissue. Air group: represented by air or gas, it is the one with the highest radiolucency. The more radiopaque, the clearer and sharper the structures appear. In addition to this assessment, the radiologist checks the incidence, contours of structures, overlaps and possible artifacts in the radiographic images. Abdominal radiography Abdominal X-ray is performed Sweden Phone Numbers List examine the region that starts just below the chest and extends to the pelvis Advantages of the electronic report for abdominal X-ray The online report is an intelligent solution to meet the demand for radiologists. Instead of overloading the local medical team, it is possible to delegate the interpretation of the abdominal X-ray and other imaging tests to the telemedicine company’s team.

Reports issued and signed only by qualified

Development of radiological films and file printing Possibility of configuring your digital equipment to send images automatically to the Morsch Telemedicine PACS Remote reports delivered 24 hours a day, without interruptions Teleconsultation option with specialists DD Leads to discuss complex cases Cloud platform, which can be accessed using any connected device to the internet System protected by authentication and cryptography mechanisms to guarantee medical secrecy Online training accessible at any time, with good practices for guiding the radiology technician Second medical opinion in a few clicks Teleconsultation for patients with care integrated into the digital medical record. Start enjoying the benefits of telediagnosis in your clinic or hospital. Conclusion Did you like to deepen your knowledge about abdominal X-rays. Whether with or without contrast.

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