Social Business Buyers Invest in Scaling

Brands Focused on Managing Social Proliferation For those that like to be where they money be, this data is for you. Altimeter’s research continues to survey buyers of disruptive technologies, and continues our coverage on social technologies. In our recent Q4 survey to enterprise buyers, focused on marketing business decision makers, which are global national corporations with over 1000 employees, we posed a series of questions in our survey battery. In particular, Invest in Scaling we wanted to find out where decision makers are bullish on investing and found the following trends on marketers with intent to increase spending.

To manage proliferation in enterprise

Marketers purchase social media management systems. Altimeter has been covering this software category since March 2010 (see all posts), and has published reports on how companies are managing social using software. These social media management system tools, Invest in Scaling which allow brands to manage marketing, support, and Malaysia Phone Number Data interaction of social continue to spread throughout the enterprise (data). We’ve also seen deal size for this specific market on the increase over the past few years, some deals crossing over the six figure dollar range.

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We’ve also found that companies Invest in Scaling

Straddled with a number of social accounts (on average, 178 social media accounts) as social strategists struggle to avoid being constantly reactive in a role of social sanitation. Insufficient tools means investments in education Benin Phone Number List key for employee masses. A solution requires a strategy, education, business processes, then with software to facilitate. While most marketers realize that technology is a key method to achieving their goals, they know that education within an enterprise is required for social business success. Marketers invest in educating various business units.

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