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If you collaborate or partner with various brands , Instagram now supports you to do collaborative posts . This feature has actually been around since 2021, but it still exists as an Instagram trend in 2023 .


Thus, there will be two accounts that can post the same photo and the photo will appear on the personal homepage to followers . That way, this Instagram trend will attract a lot of attention from other users and will decrease the impression of the posts made.


Know Threads Application from Meta before Sign Up

Use of Add Yours for UGC
Launching Instagram, the Add Yours feature is a sticker that creates public threads in the Stories feature for UGC ( user generated accounts) . With special requests and public feedback, you can share stickers and see who responded to them in those Instagram Stories.


You can insert stickers such as questions, quizzes, and more into Stories. This will increase the likelihood that they will see Story posts at the front of the feed so that your business will always be remembered.

Prioritizing Value
Good content will always prioritize the value Malaysia Phone Number List or value created. The value in question is what value you want to convey to the audience regarding the post.


Of course, this will also be a separate trend for Instagram users in 2023 because many users will also see which content is acceptable, which content has good value , and so on. The value that you convey can be in the form of things related to issues that are on the rise so that they have their own value.

Community and Creator events

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In addition, this feature is a separate Dd Leads event between the community and creators. Of course, you can take advantage of this feature to create your brand community with other creators on Instagram.

Highlighting Various New Technologies
Nowadays, it’s not just your face that can add content. There are various new technologies such as avatars or NFTs that you can highlight in the content you create.


New technologies will start popping up on Instagram for wider use. In addition, this is a certain trend for content creators who follow the trend and if they follow it may reap the benefits.

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