Magnetic resonance imaging as it does not use ionizing radiation it is an

Alternative for examining pediatric patients and pregnant women. It also allows detailed assessment of the intraorbital and intracranial anatomy. Remembering that it is up to the doctor to identify the need and forward the request for exams. Sinusitis and X-rayTreatment for sinusitis includes medication and non-pharmacological measures, such as steam inhalation. What is the treatment for sinusitis? Usually, treatment for sinusitis includes medication and non-pharmacological measures, such as steam inhalation. Drug prescription depends on the causative agent of sinusitis and symptoms. Analgesics and decongestants fight pain and collaborate to clear the paranasal sinuses. While antibiotics are indicated for bacterial sinusitis and corticoids for complicated cases. If there is severe obstruction of the paranasal sinuses, as in cases of allergic fungal sinusitis, it may be necessary to resort to surgical treatment.

Advantages of the electronic X-ray report

Thanks to advances in health technology. All you need is a computer connected to the internet to access the morsch Telemedicine platform and take advantage of the advantages of telediagnosis, including. Option to automatically send images to our PACS, configuring your digital X-ray. CT or RM device Issuance of online Malaysia Phone Number List reports in minutes Saving material resources, time and money Reinforcement in the team of specialists Service available at any time of the day or overnight Cloud software protected by encryption and passwords Online training for radiology technicians, with good practices in conducting radiological examinations. This allows the realization of radiographs in the bed of hospitalized patients or even outside the health services. However, care must be taken when handling and using the equipment, paying special attention to radiological protection.

Although modern portable models

Continue to use ionizing radiation to form images. I present the main information about the equipment throughout this article, comparing advantages and disadvantages. In the end, I address the option of a remote report via telemedicine. What is a portable RX machine? A portable X-ray machine is a mobile piece of equipment that uses ionizing radiation to show internal images DD Leads of the organism. The technique employed is similar to other X-ray equipment, as it produces a beam of radiation that crosses the examined body area. Part of the rays is absorbed by the tissues, while the rest reaches. In the case of analog equipment, the radiation burns the radiological film, allowing the visualization.

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