Maximizing Social Media Live Stream Features

The live stream feature is broadcasting videos directly on social media, without the need for editing or post-production . This feature makes it easy because you only need to activate the camera, then you can start live streaming .


Usually the live streaming feature has an interactive nature so that the audience can immediately throw comments when you are broadcasting live. The live stream feature on social media is not only aimed at selling but also creating other people’s perspectives on brands, products, companies or even yourself.


There are various things about the live streaming feature on social media. has provided a full review, so let’s discuss it together.


Social Media that Has a Live Stream Feature

These increasingly sophisticated technologies are driving the development of various forms of social media. But not all social media have a live stream feature . Some social media that provide live stream features, including the following.

Facebook is one of the social media that has been around for a long time, even so, the live stream feature on Facebook still has a place among the wider community. The live stream feature on Facebook is very supportive for those of you who want to improve branding on social media.


The advantages of Facebook itself Thailand Phone Number List are its flexibility in applying video filters and also allowing users to use various cameras and audio, as well as prioritizing live on the feed.




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You know that Instagram not only features live streams , but also IGTV. These features were created by Instagram with the aim of increasing user engagement .


If you live stream on Instagram, you can DD Leads  immediately upload the video in the form of IGTV and Instagram Stories. Very easy, right?


TikTok users must be familiar with the live stream feature . Usually TikTok users activate the live stream feature to interact with other users.


This feature is useful for increasing the social media brand for its users. So those who activate the live stream feature are not limited to product sales.




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