Inbound Marketing or Outbound Marketing, which one to choose?

Have you already tried all the possible marketing and communication solutions but they are not effective for your purpose?

Is your sector niche and do you think you need a different approach?

By reading this article, you will discover which are the best methodologies to apply to your business to capture new potential customers and build a solid and lasting relationship with them.

Because advertising no longer works
Before going into the “maze” of the methodologies, it is necessary to make a premise regarding “advertising”.
By advertising, in the usual sense of the term, we mean a form of communication aimed at convincing people to buy a product or service or to embrace the vision of a brand.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Outbound Marketing

In this regard, think about how many Belize Phone Number List promotional messages you receive every day. You turn on the radio and listen to commercials, you connect to social networks and promotional messages appear, you access your email and here are the dozens of newsletters with “unmissable offers”, you watch television and… more advertising.

This happens every day, 365 days a year

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These stimuli are so punctual that our body has become “addicted” by now . As living beings, we tend to adapt to the environment around us by developing natural protections , so our brain tends to resist in order not to fill itself with redundant or not DD Leads  considered useful information.

This explains why advertising today has lost its attractive power.

Outbound Marketing: what it is and when to choose it
Traditional marketing or outbound marketing is mainly based on capturing attention and repeating the message as many times as possible to as many people as possible. In this context , the central fulcrum remains the company, the products or services it wants to sell.

Inbound marketing is a methodology which, putting the customer at the centre, aims to provide valuable content and tailor-made experiences to give the right answer to people’s needs . Unlike traditional marketing, which consists of distraction and persuasion, inbound marketing is based on attraction, a natural principle that regulates relationships between individuals .

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