Tips for Running a Profitable Business for Students

Selling imported smartphone cases can also be one of the business ideas that you use. Various e-commerce usually sells lots of imported smartphone cases at low prices. You can buy them and sell them again by slightly increasing the price to make a profit. You can use the pre order (PO) system.


Where your friends order in advance and pay a down payment. You can collect orders, order according to the order, and only then give the goods to the buyer when they arrive.


So, you don’t have to stock the imported smartphone case . You can directly shop for smartphone cases at large e-commerce sites such as Shopee, Lazada, or Tokopedia.



Selling clothes can also be a business idea that you can do to make money while studying


Selling clothes or clothing business, there Thailand Phone Number List are several ways you can do it depending on which method you choose.


The first way is to sell by selling various screen printing t-shirts. The screen printing design that you use can be imitated by various famous logos.


If you can design, a cool logo design will definitely be a marketable opportunity

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You can work with t-shirt suppliers that you can find on the internet to start production.


Next, you can look for t-shirt screen printing services that you can find at places that sell clothes. There are several screen printing services that also Dd Leads provide screen printing services with t-shirts. So, you don’t have to bother looking for both separately. All you have to do is prepare the design that you will screen print on the t-shirt.


If you feel you don’t have enough time, you can choose the idea of ​​being a dropshipper . Dropshipper is a business where the seller does not hold stock of the goods being sold and is more focused on making sales.


Dropshippers are usually offered by many brands to be in charge of selling and offering goods to expand the market . You don’t even need to spend, you only need a cellphone to do business. As a dropshipper, you only need to sell, serve buyers, and arrange orders with the brand so that the clothes are shipped immediately.


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