Review Kol Management from its Definition, Functions and Benefits

At present, it seems that almost all social media users are familiar with the figure of such a popular influencer . As public figures, especially in the realm of social media, they often work with several brands and companies.


Promote brands to thousands or even millions of their followers . This strategy is considered effective in boosting the reputation of a brand. However, this one strategy cannot be done haphazardly.


The company must have a good relationship with KOL and influencers . Brand quality must be good if you want to be promoted by KOL . The best strategy that can be implemented by a company to avoid conflict with opinion leaders is to employ KOL Management .


Each of the above steps makes an important contribution to the entire KOL Management cycle. For example, the ‘identification’ step allows a company to define an expert’s area of ​​specialization based on his or her knowledge.


The next step also helps brands to determine the characteristics of KOL , KOL management policy preferences , and their mindset on brand management issues. In addition, for the management of KOL to work smoothly, both parties must really invest in their professional partnership.


The difference between KOL and Influencers



It is necessary to know the difference New Zealand Phone Number List between KOL Management and Influencers. If a KOL tends to communicate in one direction, an influencer does the opposite.


In fact, a KOL may even ask their assistant to respond to an opinion or question, as opposed to an influencer who appears to be closer to his followers due to direct interaction.

For KOL, the number of followers is not that important to them

Because they are judged by what they know and understand. The more valid the opinion expressed, the more famous someone who works as a KOL.

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Unlike influencers , Followers are an important part of measuring them. With their specific audience, influencers have their own community Dd Leads of followers. This requires influencers to continue to produce quality content. So that they will increase and the message conveyed can be more widely accessed.


We can see that Chef Juna and Kak Seto have different professions from one another. But to go further they can play an important role in the example of KOL and Influencers.








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