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Stefanski ron stefanski  rstefanski ron stefanski is an internet marketing consultant. College marketing professor. And runs a portfolio of successful websites focus   on helping people and building communities. He spent more than 8 years in the corporate marketing space until he start   working for himself in 2014. He owns a m  ia company that consists of a portfolio of websites ranging from 100.000 visitors to a couple of thousand visitors per month. Including prisoninsight the one trend i’ve seen emerge very strongly is influencer marketing for small businesses.

While large companies have been doing

While large companies have been doing it for years with celebrity endorsements. It’s been interesting to see how many small online businesses Email List are starting to pay digital influencers to getting their product/service in front of hundr  s of thousands of people at a reasonable cost. I think this new trend is one that has staying power. And i love it because it’s always people with small businesses who pay for social m  ia influencer with small businesses”. Polly kay polly kay  englishblinds polly kay is the senior marketing manager for english blinds. He has over a decade of experience as a digital marketing consultant and senior marketing manager. Serving a wide range of clients ranging from smes to large international corporations and families.

Facebook ultimately fell on its own sword

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perhaps less of a trend and more of a trend reversal: facebook is out of the question. Long consider   the marketing platform that no brand or DD Leads company could afford to ignore when it came to identifying and targeting a very well-defin   audience demographic . Facebook ultimately fell on its own sword in its rush to monetize and provide ever more intrusive insights to its advertisers.” given the platform’s well-publiciz   data breaches. Its continu   negative press coverage on the spread of fake news . Unethical and opaque user data collection policies. And intrusive personaliz   ad placement. Public trust in facebook is at an all-time low.

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