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Test your new  the previous articles in the column with insights into your BB web marketing agency, in this one we will not offer you. The statistics extract from the HubSpot report, but rather those publish by eMarketer and we will analyze the potential of the professionals’ social network, LinkIn , both for both marketing and sales performance in the near future. The data refers to the US market, but the first interesting information is the following:of subscribers come from outside the USA . Here is a graphical summary of the statistics:marketing agency – linkin stats Download the ebook.

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The importance of Link . In for the world of marketing and sales cuts across the bb and bc markets , because it allows you wedding photo editing service to reach a continuously growing share of users . As an agency specializing in BB, we will focus on the most relevant aspects for this segment. The report we consider highlights the growth of LinkIn users , which has reachmillion members worldwide. But it’s not just the increase in the public that entices the world of marketing; the add value of this social network is given by its professional nature , so it is the right place for sharing useful content and interacting with prospects.

Ath Factory and Heinz

Customers and partners , especially in BB. Here then . LinkIn becomes an extremely effective channel for BB lead generation.It is a very rich pool, also made up of those decision makers who represent.The objective of marketing campaigns. According to a study carri out by PathFactory and . Heinz Marketing,of BB buyers use LinkIn to search for suppliers and information on their target market . Furthermore, as we have seen in the image,of the leads generat by social mia come DD Leads from LinkIn . There are more thanmillion companies around the world that share training content and interesting news for.

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