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The growth Users lately have a low level of attention and by offering them static content. Without involvement and interactivity they will open emails less and less. With interactive emails it is possible to have a greater number. Of conversions, because the user is encourag to download the offer through the presence of a call to action. There is no ne to leave the email, users can download and visit content directly from their email which has the structure of a microsite. The way we interact with users is changing. Email becomes an active engagement tool, not a simple information text.

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But through what do I do all this? We are talking about AMP technology, an acronym for Accelerat Mobile Page, a platform through which developers can design interactive emails. Through AMP it is possible to spe up the loading of pages on any type of device, especially smartphones. From this technology it is seo expater bangladesh ltd possible to derive some benefits such as. Creation of interactive and dynamic content Insertion of CTAs, animations and fillable forms offers and request information Updating content in real time Greater involvement and direct dialogue with users Back to trends marketing trends , mobile marketing.

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Billion people worldwide use cell phones. Users spend an average of. Hours on mobile every day compar to. Hours on desktop By , of US advertising spending will be on mobile advertising and in. Italy we are not that far away. Of time on social mia is spent through mobile devices. of users searching for a local business on mobile visit within hours. of mobile device usage is spent on apps. The first statistic alone highlights DD Leads the importance of mobile advertising billion users. With so many people using cell phones and having access to the Internet almost everywhere they go, the importance of mobile marketing is evident.

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