The x-ray is the most used exam in medical radiology, but it is not the only one

X-ray specialist doctor Through telediagnosis, images are evaluated remotely and delivered in minutes Computed tomography Created from the evolution of X-ray equipment , the tomography device offers superior images from the emission of less ionizing radiation . Computed tomography uses an X-ray beam combined with a rotating tube to collect cross-sections of the studied body part. Each of these cuts corresponds to a radiograph, even allowing the formation of 3D images . Pneumonia , cerebrovascular accident ( CVA ) and anomalies in the arteries are some of the conditions identified by this technique. MRI Speaking of innovations, MRI does not use ionizing radiation to form the records. A magnetic field combined with radio waves is used, that is, energies that offer very low risk to health professionals and patients. Currently, MRI is the best imaging test available.

As it offers high-resolution recordings and can be

Performed even in pregnant women. Mammography It consists of a breast radiograph . By applying pressure to each breast, the mammography unit uses X-rays to portray details of the tissue . Thus, it is possible to visualize masses such as nodules, cysts and tumors, which makes this the gold standard exam in breast cancer screening . bone densitometry It is another variation of radiography , but it uses Australia Mobile Number List a reduced amount of ionizing radiation to study bone tissue. Through a technique called DXA, bone densitometry makes it possible to identify loss of bone mass (osteopenia), before the condition progresses to osteoporosis . Nuclear medicine This is the specialty that uses radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures . Scintigraphy and positron emission tomography are some tests used in the evaluation of thyroid pathologies, infections, heart diseases, among others.

Through percutaneous or endovascular techniques

It allows the treatment of tumors, cerebral ischemia , aneurysms and other diseases. 2. Dental radiology This specialty uses imaging exams to assist the dentist’s work , providing records through radiographs, CT scans, etc. Dental radiology is useful for a number of tasks, such as planning dental implants. Veterinary Radiology Equipment similar to that used in medical. Radiology also enables radiological examinations in animals . As a result, the field of veterinary radiology has been expanding DD Leads along with other pet services in recent years. 4. Forensic Radiology Dedicated to solving crimes and elucidating historical facts, forensic radiology offers different activities. Starting with the study of corpses through radiation , which provides details for their identification, the time they lived, among others. 5. Industrial Radiology Nuclear measurement , sewage treatment and product.

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