Various Characteristics of the Balanced Scorecard Model and How to Make It

Did you know, it turns out that to make strategic planning in a business, you need tools that can help an organization or company carry out its vision and mission correctly , you know ! Therefore, it is necessary to have a balanced scorecard that can be a solution to help run a business strategy.


So, what is a balanced scorecard and how do you create it? Eitsss.. don’t worry , you don’t need to be confused anymore because has completely summarized the discussion on the balanc scorecard . Come on , see the article until it’s finish.


What is a Balanced Scorecard

According to Investopedia, the balanced scorecard (BSC) is a business concept that is closely related to strategic management and performance metrics .


This balanced scorecard will be us to measure and providefeedbackto the organization and is consider important in order to provide quantitative results and interpret information. Balanced scorecardis often used in several companies in England, Japan, Europe, to the United States.


In a shorter sense, the balanced Iran Phone Number List scorecard is made as important information in making better decisions for the future of the organization or business continuity. The balanced scorecard includes performance metrics used to identify, improve and control the business.

Characteristics of the Balanced Scorecard Model


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If you want to make a balanced scorecard, then you need to pay attention to some of the characteristics in it. The several characteristics of the Dd Leads balanced scorecard model are as follows.

Learning and Growth
The first characteristic is learning and growth , namely the balanced scorecard model will handle how well the information is capturand how effectively employees use that information. With these characteristics the balanced scorecard will turn information into a competitive strategy in the industry.

Covers Business Processes
The characteristics of the balanc scorecard need to include business processes that are evaluat by investigating how well the product has been produc. In this case, there is usually operational management that is analyzto track gaps, delays, bottlenecks, deficiencies, or waste that occur during business processes.


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