What is the sustainability need and priority

What is the Real people identify the brand Many companies use online stock images , whether free or paid, to characterize their brand. But there’s a problem with stock images online they look just like stock images. These images are us to give an air of professionalism to one’s platform at low cost , but the BB software that uses these stock images, which means giving up a certain type of differentiation . Additionally, stock images are too generic as they are design to suit a wide range of customers and various uses. It goes without saying that they will never be able to reflect the uniqueness and identity of your company.

All have a common aesthetic

Since due to their generic nature they are not suitable for accurately conveying the values ​​of your brand. If you use commonly us stock images that you find online, you will find the same images on web designs and development service multiple websites what worse way to differentiate your brand that appear on other websites and platforms in the same sector? Fortunately, BB companies today have understood how much it is worth and what a huge difference it makes to use personaliz images , even better when, as they say, “you put your face on it”, whether of your customers or of the company’s internal staff.

Than using the same images

Obviously this may require an initial production cost that is certainly higher than stock images, but the final result will certainly be much more professional , engaging and relevant to DD Leads your brand’s identity. Let’s take Banca Miolanum for example its founder, Ennio Doris, lent his image as proof of the cribility of his online bank. The commercial has remain well imprint in the collective imagination , which confirms the effectiveness of the branding strategy bas on the identification of the brand with the image of a real person , in flesh and blood, which makes the brand more human .

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