6 Best Practices to Improve Sales

What is the priority for those involved in improving the sales process?
According to this research, 57% of top B2B salespeople say it ‘s all about the technology .

The implementation of new technologies. Continuous training and the use of social media for sellers. Have proved to be a crucial factor in remaining actively in the market. We are in the era of digital transformation and sales are also being transformed, one cannot think that those involved in sales can do everything. By themselves, without technological support and lots and lots of training..


So how to do it and where to start? Here are 6 useful tips


1. Use CRM to make teams collaborate
If you’re a sales manager, you should have. A clear view of what your salespeople are doing: where in the pipeline the opportunities are. How much cuban in terms of expected revenue, how they’re working. To close deals in a positive way and be able to predict. The achievement of sales targets.

If you are a salesperson , you should be able to Armenia Phone Number List manage and update your deals and opportunities quickly and easily, you should be able to share information, conversations and results without leaving your CRM and your inbox, having an environment organized and collaborative, even on the move.

It has never been as difficult as today to reach your potential customers, a statistic states that it takes an average of 9.1 attempts to hit the mark . To ensure you’re on the right track and taking the actions that bring the most results, you need to share knowledge and evolve as a team, and to do that, you need everyone to have access to important information from your CRM.

Sales Enablement Best Practices

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To make sure your team is working and communicating efficiently, make your CRM the hub of marketing and communications activities , make sure it’s the only “source of truth ” of your company.

Customize the software settings to reflect your sales process, import contacts, companies and opportunities, make sure the CRM integrates DD Leads  with your other business tools and always communicate from a single tool, build dashboards and dashboards that give you a clear view of the sales trend.

2. Use Chatbots
HubSpot’s free chatbot builder tool , Conversations , is a great option. With the right tool, you can tailor chat conversations with prospects and customers to fit your organization’s needs.

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