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Be overlooked is the format of the photo. The standard accepted by Instagram is the JPEG format — if you access the characteristics of a photo, you will be able to check its format: if you see the expression “.jpg”, the image is in JPEG format. Example: what-is-landscape.jpg. See: you can even post a photo in another format, like PNG or BITMAP. By doing this, however, Instagram will automatically convert the image format to JPEG, causing it to lose quality. 4 – Be careful when using the Instagram camera. Advertising Some people prefer to use Instagram’s own camera to take pictures, after all, it’s more practical. Choosing this, however, requires a lot of attention, since the probability of the image having a reduced quality is greater. Therefore, whenever possible, it is advisable that you take pictures using your phone’s camera instead of Instagram’s camera.

Along with this, the platform’s camera stickers and filters

Although apparently harmless, are true causes of reduced image quality. 5 – Beware of sending via WhatsApp. If you receive a photo via WhatsApp, the app will naturally reduce the quality of it (maybe you found this out the hard way). This, however, does not mean that you cannot send receive images via WhatsApp, after all, it is the most practical way to do this. It just means that, to avoid loss of quality Hospital And Medical Insurance Email List in images that will be posted on Instagram, you must send/receive them as a document, not as a photo. If you prefer, there are also other options to send a photo, avoiding the loss of its quality, such as sending it through the cloud on Google Drive and Dropbox. How to improve Instagram story quality? Advertising The quality of a photo in the story can also be reduced – and this has a great potential to prevent.

See quick tips to help with that. External tools

There are several tools you can use to improve the quality of your stories. Some examples of these are the Fotor and Adobe Express websites. And the Instasize DD Leads Photo Editor and No Crop For Instagram apps . And best of all, they are completely free. Platform settings. Another way to increase the quality of photos on Instagram — and this concerns both. Those posted in the feed and in the story — is to access “Settings and privacy”. After that, click on “Data usage and minimum quality” and enable the “Upload in high quality” option. From the moment you do this, you will always be able to post images. Not only with the original quality in which they were taken, but also with a great quality.

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