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Generating a file using the command line is safe, because the file is creat on our server and unauthoriz persons do not have access to it. Creating a file using the command line The method is to use the “htpasswd” command, which is available on Apache servers. Using this method, we can easily add new users and generate encrypt passwords for them. When we enter the htpasswd command, we must specify the -c attribute, which is responsible for creating a new file. Before we press enter, we must specify the absolute path along with the name of the file we want to create. We can also provide a username and generate a password for it as in the screenshot below.

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Creating the .htpasswd file using the command line – command How to add another user from the command line? We add another user in phone number list the file, but without the “-c” attribute, because the file has already been creat and we only it it. adding a user to the .htpasswd file How to check if users have been add? We can check the cat command and specifying the path to the file to display it. command to check adding users to the .htpasswd file We can see that the file consists of a username follow by a colon follow by a password which is encrypt with the crypt algorithm.

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What is the .htgroup file for? The .htgroup file is us to store user groups with accounts assign to them. It is useless if there is no .htpasswd file on the DD Leads server. to distribute access to user groups for given domains on the server. We can also create it using the command line or do it manually using any text itor. How to create an .htgroup file? The command line method is one of the simpler ways.

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