Also worth bearing in mind

Make it easy to position in the future, we ne to take care not only of its appearance, but also of what it has inside. At this point, a few people probably thought: ok, but I don’t know about code or programming. That’s okay. Of course, it would be ideal to check that the theme doesn’t have a bad code structure and that it is as simple as possible, but you can do without it. When choosing a theme especially a paid one, it is worth checking whether it requires additional components for proper operation. In many cases, there is hidden information somewhere that the theme does work, but only when, for example, we install visual composer or another additional plugin.

It is worth choosing extensions

Of course you don’t always have to give up this solution. It is that paid themes and sometimes also free ones are often very extensive. In many database cases, we only use some of its options, which leaves a lot of unus functionality and it all weighs. But how much does it all weigh? You ne to be aware that each extension adds its own scripts and styles to our site , so it’s always worth checking what and where has been add. You should know what scripts the plugin adds and whether it adds them everywhere or only where they are really ne.


When we see that the preview

It often happens that the plugin works only on a specific subpage, but adds its scripts or styles everywhere, which unnecessarily burdens and DD Leads slows down the page. and themes that are well optimiz . For themes, most have preview versions available. You can check their loading spe e.g. with this tool. version achieves a Page Spe score of / , it should be a sign for us that even after optimization it can be hard to spe up the page.

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