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Even if the levels of introversion or extroversion in the tone of voice change here or there, the company’s values ​​are what define the soul of the business and ne to permeate all communications to nurture trust. In practice, a company may have an audience of shareholders who ne more formal content and, at the same time, it may have an audience of 17-year-old consumers who have never finish a book! The tone of voice will be the application of a vocabulary with different writing styles to serve and communicate with all these audiences — in addition to convincing new people to buy.

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This integrity is the type of characteristic that has the potential to transform a simple follower into a repeat consumer , and to get undecid people off the fence. It all starts with something as simple as word choice : 1. Word Choice From the new data scripts that give rise to audiovisual content , to posts on social mia, it is choosing the right words that will make a brand be seen the way it wants or nes! The vocabulary will depend exclusively on the audience to be reach . If I start writing like this, you’re going to think it’s strange, right? That’s because you’re reading ucational material about Digital Marketing , hoping to learn something from my more than 20 years of experience.

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The vocabulary I us in the previous example would even be useful for a younger crowd, or for promoting a sport or toy. That’s why understanding BD Leads the persona — the fictional personality, but bas on real data, of a potential ideal customer — is so worthwhile. If your brand knows who it is talking to , it knows how, when and what to talk about. The choice of words leads to an identification (or, at least, the failure to close an opportunity) that paves the way for the rest of the content.

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