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Messaging options during the next step. #4: Set Variants and Rules After saving the project template go to the Variants tab to configure the swappable elements. Youll see a prompt to add a new variant with options for all the swappable elements. For this example well add two—but the platform supports hundrs of variants per project. Instead of adding individual swappable elements each variant has to include an option to

Replace each

Of the swappable spots. If you only want to replace some of the swappable elements in certain variants just readd the default element from the template to the variant. Next go to the Rules tab to choose settings for the swappable elements. You can choose demographic settings like location or language or you can choose audience signals and topics. Ads Creative Studio also lets you choose custom signals. Attention Agency Owners Brand Marketers and Consultants Marketing Agency Show Introducing the Marketing Agency

Show–our newest

Podcast design to explore the struggles of agency marketers. Join show host and agency owner Brooke Sellas as she DD Leads interviews agency marketers and digs deep into their biggest challenges. Explore topics like navigating rough economic times leveraging AI service diversification client acquisition and much more. Just pull up your favorite podcast app search for Marketing Agency Show and start listening. Or click the button below for more information.  omsignals11 For this example well set a

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