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I often list all the players in a category, announce a formal research effort, then publish a series of analyses, as part of my continuing methodology. In this case I will also be presenting my findings as a speaker at LeWeb, whose theme, “Digital Hippies” is directly related to this trend. Thanks to friend Loic Lemeur for triggering this idea. [Collaborative Economy Defined: A digital system that manages the coordination of buyers and sellers who offer be interviewed or exchange used products and remnant services] [Market impact: These startups enable the crowd to get what they need from each other.

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The Three Categories of Collaborative Economy Markets Within this market, there are multiple use scenarios. Right now, we see the following three categories: Market Type Description Examples First Collaborative Market Manufactures and business owners that are now offering products for rent or barter BMW and Toyota have Iran Phone Number Data made motions to offer cars for rent from their lots beyond selling them. Second Collaborative Market Often denoted as the “Used or Second Hand” market a consumer may offer to rent or lease of used products or remnant services.

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Consumer to act like a taxi, and pick up members of the service. Craigslist and eBay (disclosure: client) empowers the selling of used products, worldwide Third Collaborative Market Barter, gifting, or non-currancy exchanges of used Qatar Phone Number List products or remnant services. Toyswap allows parents to exchange toys with other parents, rather than purchase products that their kids will outgrow. Giftflow encourages users to ask for what they need, then to help others in the future, paying it forward Market Rises: Media Attention, Over $2billion in Funding There’s been remarkable media coverage on this topic as vendors.

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