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 I know you are a staunch defender, but we must recognize that we are now ahead of the page builder world in terms of volume and installation, whether we like it or not. A big hug!!!!!! Reply Anthony Month Day Hello, Education. Thank you for your report, this is not an article, this is a well-made documentary. Regarding Gutenberg, I am glad to read the opinions of professionals…. When I tried, I thought that only I thought so.. But oh my God, how bad I am not a huge fan, so I have other bases for criticism.

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I also prefer coding, but we have to recognize the benefits and results of being up-to-date with   special data  the latest page builder. Reply Ida Rubies Month Thank you very much for your comments, Anton. The fact is, Gutenberg will continue to exist, but I think they planned the error from the start. All went well. Reply Manolo Month Afternoon I have been a fan of the classic portfolio for almost any project, but recently I gave the opportunity, wow, the whole world.

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 It is true that the learning curve is slower but well worth a try. I recommend it to you! Reply Edouard Rubies Month Day But still trying to put keywords and links in blog comments???Its older than humidity, Kwa chi, and its more. Reply Leave a comment   DD leads  Your email address will not be made public. The required field is marked as Write here Name Name Email Network Save my name, email and website in this browser for next comment.

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