Consumers could run out of patience in 2023

Technologies are evolving and, with them. The habits of consumers are also changing. Who are increasingly seeking. More human connection in their interactions with brands. The 2023 Global Consumer Trends report prepared by Qualtrics XM Institute has analyzed the current consumer mindset taking into account that the economy pushes people to make complicated decisions about where and how to spend their money. Their research was based on a survey of more than 33,000 consumers in 29 countries, including approximately 1,200 in Spain.

Half of Spaniards have had customer service problems

A consumer experience must be an essential objective for companies, which cannot lose sight of the end customer. In the case of Spain, the Qualtrics study industry email list shows that when a consumer speaks with an empathetic agent. They are 5.2 times more likely to be satisfied with the overall experience than those consumers who were not happy with the agent’s attention. Consumers with a short wait time are 2.7 times more likely to be happy with the overall interaction than those who are dissatisfied with their wait time. More than half (55%) of Spanish consumers say they have had customer service problems that have not been resolved. 36% are not satisfied with the empathy of an agent, according to the Global Trends report. Consumption 2023 .

Consumers could do so if their patience runs out

But that patience may wear thin as their own DD Leads pocketbooks feel the impact of the economy. A single negative review or interaction could encourage consumers to jump to the competition. As consumers now think more cautiously about their spending. That’s why companies that exceed expectations in the way they listen to, understand. Act on customer needs can build long-term loyalty in a down market. This presents an opportunity for organizations to exceed expectations and gain loyalty : when consumers have a five-star experience. They are three times more likely to trust and recommend a company than if they have a bad experience.

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