Case Study Part 2 – How To Beat Google Again For Viagra

I wrote a YouMoz Post two years ago titled “Case Study – How To Beat Google and Rank #2 for Viagra” and have been meaning to write a follow-up to that post. After doing some research online, I found another fantastic example of how to continue to beat Google and keep Ranking for Viagra.

So I began my searches with a couple of keyword variations, such as this and noticed one site in particular kept popping up – onlinepharmacycr DOT com. It looks like you can purchase anything from Viagra to Paxil here…Not to mention that it’s illegal to sell these medications online since they are in the generic form. Which means, they are not FDA-approvand could have ingredients that can cause harm to people taking it.

How about we try something different

This comes at a time when Google just paid out 500 million for allowing illegal online Canadian pharmacies to advertise drugs to U.S. consumers.

I tend to follow the space a bit, as I Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List always want to keep up with the latest shades of tactics. Sites do come and go and usually Google does a good job at keeping the spam out. This site in particular has begun to stick (seems to have been there for 1-YR+), so I wondered what made them stick and will they last?

What I’m going to share today is a tool I’ve built that automates the process

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I do the basic “backlink check” in Open Site DD Leads  Explorer and notice they have about 3,500 links….Pretty good for a Viagra site 🙂

First few websites I looked at seemed a bit “paid” like here, here and here, but it’s a little hard to prove that as a competitor could put that there.


Let’s look and see if they have “Google Analytics” and maybe their other GA accounts are tied in with each other.

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