Lead Generation Meaning

The “unprecedented” lockdown period is really a bad blow for business: customers who don’t buy, closed companies, anxiety and uncertainty for the future, but we Italians will be able to find the right energy to show the world how special we are!

In these days of confinement, I have had the opportunity to reflect and reorganize my work for the restart, but also the need to occupy my mind in activities that keep me away from negative thoughts, so I have dedicated myself to my garden.

You must know that a couple of years ago I discovered the pleasure of growing vegetables for my diet and I decided to do it organically, without using chemicals.


You may be wondering… what does the vegetable garden have to do with the…

Meaning of lead generation

It has to do with it… follow me and you will understand what lead generation is and how to do it , if you understand the mechanisms of web marketing.

As a novice farmer I am ” tabula rasa “, apart from a few popular sayings and the advice of my eighty-year-old mother, I have no experience on anything and I would like to make little effort quickly obtaining zucchini, salad, tomatoes, … good vegetables and less than zero km, but how to do?

Between hoes and rakes I get on the Bulgaria Phone Number List search engines with my smartphone scrolling through the results of Google and YouTube to find tutorials , explanations , guides … in short, a real full immersion with the most varied doubts and, thanks to the patience of many enthusiasts who have put valuable content online, I can take my first steps.

Lead Generation is a marketing strategy

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As an entrepreneur with little free time, sporty and with a passion for technology (the “friend” that makes things simple and automatic) , once the DD Leads  soil is prepared and the aubergines, cabbages and pumpkins planted, I realize that the most boring waiting for the harvest, it requires a lot of commitment and work, above all for the irrigation which must be continuous and controlled.


What I need is information to be able to decide what and where to buy: I’m the perfect customer.

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