Consumers would prefer to watch videos

That’s why we are investing a lot in the intent data space. In early versions it was about finding people to hammer with your message. But with the advent of contact-level data. It’s evolving into a tool that helps identify not just who’s in the market. But where he is in his journey and the details of the problem he’s trying to solve. Suddenly. We can help them connect with resources that will resonate and help them. They say that great marketing is really about helping – and that’s finally within reach” . Mark armstrong mark armstrong  mrstrongarm mark armstrong is an illustrator and digital marketer who has run his own illustration studio for 30 years.

Channels and platforms

There must be an element of video incorporat   into your ads to reach consumers. Especially millennials. We have shift   our marketing Africa Email List efforts to be more focus   on video and so far we’ve seen a big improvement in terms of engagement.” yvonne haendel yvonne haendel  yvonne_haendel yvonne haendel is the president & cco of Inc.. “the most important marketing trends are all ti   to evolving buyer expectations. We can talk about technology. Tactics. Channels and platforms. But our opinion as marketers doesn’t matter. So i believe that the ability to understand what prospects and buyers want and ne   – not what we want to talk about – will be the basis of all important changes in marketing.

Consumers would prefer to watch

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“one of the biggest developments marketers should be aware of is the continuing trend away from text-bas   ads and toward short-form video-bas DD Leads   ads. There are several highly respectable outlets that. By 2022. Video by design will account for more than 80% of internet traffic. Simply put. Consumers would prefer to watch videos rather than read static content and the change will only become more evident in the coming years. For this reason. Marketers must adapt the means and strategies with which they reach consumers. You can no longer rely only on intelligently word   text ads.

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