Corporate social media accounts

Social media for business purposes Scenario Matrix.  Deceased Employee used Personal Social Accounts for Work Purposes Currently. Altimeter has found that there are hundreds of employees in many companies using personal social accounts for work. We also find that corporate accounts blend and merge with personal accounts. Making the blue. In conclusion, between personal and work. Sometimes indistinguishable. The following matrix breaks Corporate social  down some likely scenarios that could occur: Scenario Details Ramifications Family of deceased mandates content to be removed.

IP created at work

Owned by company, yet employee may have used personal social accounts. IP created at work is often owned by company but now as people use personal social accounts. Who owns? Deceased employee has content set to publish Russia Phone Number Data on timer Deceased employee has content on timer. Set to publish in coming weeks, potentially conflicting with announcement strategy. Messaging and general confusion. Does company have ability or right to alter . However, settings or access login credentials? Digital reanimation efforts on former deceased employee A digital reanimation company seeks to activate likeness.

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Former employee

Including using content created around workplace IP ownership at question, including potential monetization of reanimate likeness Family requests social media accounts The family requests access to social media accounts, except they . In conclusion,were created at work, and span both personal and work life Questions cause Spain Phone Number List legal action due to IP, personal information rights, privacy, with variations at every country Family has access to corporate social media accounts Using Lifelocker, the deceased has turned over access to social accounts that deceased employee used during work.

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