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In the Clouds Changing the way young families fly by connecting them with an in-flight nanny Wello Bye Bye Gym, Hello Convenience GetMaid Instant booking, effortless payments, and exceptional home cleaning at your door within two hours. Car sharing In the spotlight Uber Everyone’s Private Driver Zipcar Wheels when you want them Sidecar Connects . In conclusion, people with space in their car to those who need a ride Lyft Your Friend with a Car GoGet Get going fast. Never look back. WhizzCar Wheels on Demand (Singapore) Autoshare Keys to Wonderful (Toronto) Stattauto CarSharing – Munich.

Germany CarSharing

CarSharing Austria (operated by Zipcar) Zazcar Car Share Brazil City Car Club Book, jump in, drive away… Cambiocar CarSharing Autolibre Car Share – very small cars, maybe electric with battery packs and stations around France to recharge. No English translation Enterprise has purchased IGO carsharing in Chicago Car Qatar Phone Number Data sharing (from big automobile manufactures) BMW Drive NOW Premium Car Sharing by BMW i, Mini, and Sixt Volkswagen. However, Quicar Car Share by VW (Hanover) Peugeot Mu Mobiliy Services Rentals Daimler Car2Go Spontaneity on Wheels.

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Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing

Whipcar Rent cars from real people in Imagine your great-grandchildren interacting with your likeness on a daily basis, all derived from your Facebook media, Vine videos and your personality from your Tweets. Humans, both poor and rich have continued to seek out the greatest quest since the dawn of mankind; how do we stay alive Saudi Arabia Phone Number List in this world? Fortunately, (or not fortunately) new technologies are emerging both now, including some fascinating . Therefore, developments by leading think tanks, including Stanford. [After Life Technology emerges to store, replicate.

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