Get to know the Functions and Features of Tableau for Business Intelligence

By utilizing business intelligence (BI), the work of processing business data that you do becomes more effective. Apart from that, BI can also help understand data even by users who do not have expertise in the field of data.


So, to apply BI in business data processing work, you need business intelligence tools or software . One of the popular BI tools used by large companies such as Lenovo, Nissan, Rei, and so on is Tableau. These companies use Tableau to get the business insight they need.


Then, what is Tableau? What are the benefits and features for business data processing? You can find the discussion in this article. So, listen to the end, ok !


What is Tableau

Tableau is a business intelligence toolthat allows you to perform data analysis and visualization for solving company business problems.


As a visual analytic platform , Tableau China Phone Number List can help you analyze data from various sources and report it in various visual forms for consideration in making business decisions.


Why Use Tableau

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Tableau is the most popular BI tool and is widely chosen by users in processing corporate business data. Tableau is also developing as a BI tool with the fastest growing number of users compared to its competitors.


In addition, Tableau provides very complete Dd Leads ata analysis and visualization features compared to other business intelligence tools . So, it is not surprising that many large companies, as mentioned above, choose Tableau as the BI tools used for processing business data.


So, Tableau is a suitable BI tool for those of you whose work is related to processing business data, from analysis, visualization, to reporting to company teams and management.

Benefits of Using Tableau
Here are four benefits of using Tableau as a business intelligence tool to process the business data of the company where you work.

Get Practical and Interactive Data Visualization
Tableau allows you to analyze data quickly, so that data visualization results can also be obtained practically.


You can find unlimited and attractive visual forms of data on Tableau, whether in the form of charts, graphs, and so on without disturbing the ongoing data analysis process.

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