Guide to creating the Chatbot Design

style that we are going to give to our bot. Casual? Formal? As human as possible or with touches of a robot? Helpful? Personality. Of course, by defining the above we are going to have to define, or at least decide, if we are going to give it its own personality or not. Do you remember what we did with bundi for Iron Blogger Spain ? I like to name them and give them personality. What would you decide? Conversational Tasks. AHA! Now that we know what we want, its reason for being and we have defined its being, it is time to break down the keys from point 1 into specific conversational tasks. Ein? Yeah. Here we already break it down into “information on how

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to return the product” or “information on shipping costs”. Later, when we are building the bot, we will go down into category email list detail and specify specific questions such as “how much does it cost me to send the product to Melilla?” Do you follow me? Backend Tasks. Another really important point since a “trained” bot will not only have the ability to recognize questions proposed by the user and give pre-designed answers, but it will also have the ability to connect with our CRM, eCommerce, etc. systems. This capacity, which will provide more personalized responses, will require the implementation of internal consultation tasks. Do you follow me? Me neither. But we go

Lanister or Stark

 Thirdparty services. For the topic of chatbots, which seems to be something new, there are already a large number of third-party services, add-ons, applications and modules that can help us BB Leads in various tasks or easily increase their functionality. For example, to get our bot to recognize natural language, we do not have to develop it from scratch since there are APIs and services, even free. Which ones will we use? (I will tell you about them in a future post). What are we going to need? Chatbot development platform. And we reach the point where you would surely have started. Don’t worry, I also started here: look for the platform to create the bot. How do you do

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