Canvas Conclusions What is the Chatbot

Canvas Conclusions What is the Chatbot Design Canvas and what is it for? You go on Twitter and you start to see that people are interested in exploring the ultra new, fantastic and exciting world of chatbots. There are dozens of tools that make it so easy that you can set up a chatbot while you pee as a man (Clarification: being a girl it doesn’t have as much merit because it wouldn’t be standing up, with one hand occupied, a certain leaning forward and little ability to multitask). There are also many who claim that they have already tried it (maybe) and have their bot set up (little lie) so you, who can’t help it, set out to create your own . In front of the screen, you configure the welcome message and…

it's over. No

it’s over. No? Lie. You’ve started the house from the roof! Have you thought about why industry email list you would want to create a chatbot? What is your reason for being? What value will it bring to your business or to your users or clients? How are you going to set it up? What kind of answers will you give? What account or platform will you connect it with? Will you need to schedule anything later? How will you know if it’s going well? When is John Snow going to wake up? Chatbot Design Canvas capture The strategic vision of the Chatbot Design Canvas We are faced once again with the primordial need to think before acting ,

set a strategy

to set a strategy before doing what others do and that is where the Chatbot Design Canvas comes into play . It is a tool or, better yet, a way to unite in an orderly manner, copying models such as the Lean Canvas Model, 12 strategic questions that will help us advance faster and better in building a chatbot . Damn, what a crappy paragraph. Like any BB Leads model, it doesn’t do magic, it doesn’t serve any purpose except to organize your ideas and make you see that a chatbot is not just about automating predefined responses to predefined questions . TRUE? After this tool, we will move on to using mind maps to build conversational routes … but that is laterDo you want a detail of the points to design a chatbot? Well, click, soul of a pitcher, click.

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