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 Branding A brand is much more than a color scheme, logo and images. A brand is the feeling that a reader gets when he visits your blog. What kind of feeling do you want to create? With this in mind, you should think about posts, replies to comments and polls. A brand is always a whole. You are the first and most important part of your brand. The kind of image you give of yourself on social media largely determines what people think of your blog.  you define your own brand: Is your brand consistent (social media profiles, color scheme, profile pictures)? Is the look of your blog hobbyist or professional? Can you tell that your content is high quality and useful?

Here are 8 questions for you to help

 Does your opt-in gift provide a benefit to the reader, does it possibly help solve a single little problem? Have you positioned special data yourself clearly differently from other bloggers writing about the same topic? Have you built recognition, credibility and trust? What is your personal brand story? How does it relate to your blog? If you want to monetize your blog, do the products you recommend help your customers or are they useless consumer goods? Because when you’re launching a blog anyway, doesn’t it make more sense to launch something really awesome? Additional resources: 19 blogging myths you shouldn’t believe anymore (if you want to be successful as a blogger) 5 ways to use a blog to build a brand TOP 5 ways to turn blog readers into committed customers 5. Content have a few posts published on your blog before you launch it.

I highly recommend that you

 The recommended amount is 5 to 10 posts or 2 posts per category. In this way, the reader has more to read and will gladly stay on your blog for a longer time from day one. Posts don’t have to be long, but I recommend they be more than 500 words. What does quality content look like? Quality content is always beneficial and helpful to the reader. For each post, I personally thought, “ Why should the reader spend 5 minutes of his precious time reading this post? ” When I know the reason, the post always becomes useful. When a reader comes to read your post, you want them to have  DD Leads this reaction: “ WOW! This post is insane! What else can be found here…? ” So you shouldn’t write any of the dozens of posts that can be found on other blogs.

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