When a reader downloads and uses

When people see your opt-in gift, they’ll want to join your email list and that way they’ll be among the first to be notified when your blog is published. your sign-up gift, he will remember you longer and will be more likely to remain a reader of your blog for a longer period of time. Additional resources: Why you *need* to collect an email list, Whether you’re a blogger or an entrepreneur? list? Appreciate your reader – Make a joining gift (lead magnet) that is really useful for him 3. Layout of the blog  of the launch.

This is perhaps the most challenging part

 Editing the appearance of the blog and the entire site. At what point is the layout “good” enough to be published? There is no guaranteed latest database and complete answer to this. But when certain things are in order in the layout of the blog, the blog is one step closer to publication. You want the appearance of your blog to exude a certain kind of professionalism. design the look of the blog at this stage.  WordPress themes to get you started. In terms of appearance, it is important to remember that: it’s simple and Gray (black/dark text on a white/light background) the sidebar has 3 – 5 sections (no flashing advertising banners) the pictures are fresh and look like you the text is eye-catching and readable (short paragraphs, lists, subheadings and short sentences) you guide the reader forward (menu in the top bar, most popular posts in the side bar, register description in the bottom bar) Is “Where’s Waldo Lying?” books familiar to you? a way that they are drawn full of situations and people.

There are plenty of free and affordable

 slowly to find Waldo. While this is a fun pastime, the reader shouldn’t have to do this on blogs. Therefore, the less there is to search for in the blog and the more straightforwardly you guide the reader forward, the longer the reader will enjoy your blog. or take a look at Creative Market’s selection as your blog’s theme. This is how you get readers to your blog | Blog launch or marketing plan Additional resources: Start a blog for less than €100.00 Remove these 5 things from your sidebar immediately This is how you  DD Leads keep the reader on the blog, even if a 404 page comes up Adding an anchor link – Here’s how to do it in 8 steps These make the reader leave the blog quickly 4.

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