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These plann updates should make the platform even more useful to advertisers who want to create topperforming campaigns efficiently: Have you been using Performance Max campaigns to drive conversions across YouTube and other Google surfaces Ads Creative Studio will soon support Performance Max assets so your team can plan these campaigns together before sending the assets to Google Ads. Do you want to make YouTube ads that reflect what your audience is thinking about and searching for right now Ads Creative Studio will soon have a trends explorer that your team can use to browse search trends that

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Tube ad campaigns. But you dont have to wait for these new updates to launch before starting to use the platform. Whether you want to collaborate on YouTube ads or access b2b email list tools for optimizing creatives you can start using Ads Creative Studio now. Below well walk through how to use the platform and how to use builtin tools to create better YouTube ad campaigns. How to Use Ads Creative Studio to Plan and Customize YouTube Ads From creating a video asset and setting up rules to designing ad iterations and making final its

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How to use Ads Creative Studio. #1: Set Up an Ads Creative Studio Account Like most Google tools Ads Creative Studio isnt directly embd into the advertising platform. That means youll ne to create an account if you dont DD Leads already have one and then link it to Ads Creative Studio. Start by going to the Ads Creative Studio landing page and clicking any of the calltoaction CTA) buttons. Give the account a name and input your business name. In addition to designating your location and time zone youll also ne to indicate whether

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