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Similarly, unengaged contacts include all contacts. who have received approximately 11 marketing emails from your company. but have not opened. any of them (the criMarketing basically means positioning your products (or services) in the market. Marketing is an organized and automated ecosystem as much as possible to position products on the market, addressing one’s specific niche, and to sell profitably.


Marketing definition
The term marketing comes from English and means “to go into the market”.
According to Philip Kotler, considered one of the greatest gurus of management and marketing management, “marketing consists in identifying and satisfying human and social needs”.
Broadening this definition, from a social and managerial point of view, marketing is “a process – a set of activities – undertaken by the company and aimed at promoting values ​​and satisfying the desires and needs of people and markets through the sale of products or services.”


The moment we become aware that we have a problem to solve or a goal we want to achieve, we make choices.

Marketing means understanding Sweden Phone Number List what our customers’ problems and objectives are and helping them make the right choice with our goods and services.


What is marketing for in this case

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Strategic marketing: defining the market niche
Bringing your product to market doesn’t mean selling to everyone. On the contrary.
The web, social networks e-commerce have given the erroneous. Impression of being able to sell everything to everyone. Anywhere on the planet.
But not everyone can be our customer.
Strategic marketing means understanding which need the product solves and which benefit it brings to specific customers.
Understanding who these customers are and what their needs are. What problems they need to solve and where they are is essential for setting up the marketing. Strategy.Teria for unengaged may vary depending on your crm or company).

A little above we talked about knowing WHERE the customers, or potential customers, are.
Based on the structure of the company and the characteristics.

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