6 best apps to do giveaways on Instagram

Here is a list of the best giveaway apps for Instagram: You to Gift. Rafi. Raffle Instagram Comments (Cardano apps). Giveaway Giveaway Instagram. Gifty Draw for Instagram (Giveaway Sweepstakes). Giveaway Comments Post (Main Games Apps). This list was conceived based on the analysis of user reviews and the application’s offer. All of them are paid, but they all give you the benefit of trying the app before you buy. Now, let’s get down to business, among these, which is the best app? That’s what you’ll discover next. You to Gift, the best app to do giveaways on Instagram In any choice of services that we are going to acquire, tradition is undoubtedly a key element, and in this respect You to Gift has the advantage, as it has been operating since 2019. There are more than 50,000 downloads of the You to Gift app.

On the Google Play Store and

almost 2,000 reviews that give the app a 4.9 star rating. And it couldn’t be different at the Apple Store, where You to Gift also boasts a 4.9 star rating, attesting to the competence of its functions. best giveaway app for instagram Screenshot 20230721 143849 Google Play Store. At You to Gift, you don’t need to connect your social network to the application to carry out the drawing, which Insurance Email List undoubtedly gives you the security of not having your account violated, as with many applications. Oh, and you don’t even need to create an account or register for anything. You simply download the application and it is ready to use. Right away you get 40 coins to use in your draws. YouToGift2 best giveaway app for instagram A common giveaway – up to 300 comments.

It costs 10 coins, so you can

Make up to 4 free draws. But if you need more comments, with the 40 coins you can make a single draw from 2000 to 5000 comments. Next, we’ll bring more details on how it works. Raffles for Instagram on You to Gift based on, comments DD Leads and likes One of the most traditional ways to carry out raffles on Instagram is through comments, which can have two modes: more comments more chances of winning, or just a single comment. Both modalities can be used in the application, and at an additional cost of 5 coins you can check if the person liked the post and, or, also check if the person also followed the account. Another way to draw people is based on the publication’s likes. You can select people among those who like a certain post.

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